YEG Talks

Jeremy Cummins founded Yegtalks after experiencing his own struggle with mental health. In March of 2018, Jeremy was hospitalized for four weeks at the Alberta Hospital after his second attempted suicide. During his recovery, he received the utmost support, help, and tools from not only the Alberta Hospital, but the Momentum Walk-In Counselling Society as well. It was at this time that Jeremy decided he wanted to give back, and get Edmontonians talking about mental health, thus Yegtalks was born.

“Tackling mental health head on is my main focus. Yegtalks has endless opportunity in my eyes. We are hoping that by me sharing my story, it will help others come forward with their own struggles. It is a tough and hard path, but there are people out there that want to help you see past any struggles you have.”

I want to give a massive thank you to Brendan Ryder, Kindra Varty, Lyndsey Manyluk, and Barb Booker for their countless hours of help and dedication. I want to thank my Mom as well. She has been with me from day one (literally) and has helped with more than I can begin to thank her for. 

Thanks for checking out our website!


What is YEG Talks?

YEG Talks is a community that aims to bring awareness to mental health through events and public speaking appearances.

What is Momentum?

Momentum is a walk-in counselling service in Edmonton. It is a pay-what-you-can service. Momentum sees roughly 2,000 people annually, with 800 people unable to pay anything.

How can I participate in #YEGTalks 2019? 

Whether you’re looking to enter a team, become a sponsor, or volunteer we have lots of ways that you can continue to show your support for YEG Talks 2019.

Give us a shout at  to learn more!

Where is all the money raised, going?

All money donated will be directly sent to Momentum to help cover the cost of appointments and simply help keep their doors open.

Where can I park?

There are two parking lots to park in; lot A is located across the street north of the ballpark, and lot B is just west of the ballpark.

Do we have to stay for the 24 hours?

No, but we really encourage you to be at the park as long as you can. You’ll have to be there 15 minutes before your game. Also we are asking all teams to be at the ballpark and on the field on the Sunday at 5pm for a group photo.